Saturday, January 17, 2009

Reset Ink Level on Canon ip1880, MP145, MP530

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This is due to appear in the ink level catrik legible out by the printer, even though the ink on many infus Searched in or refill.
To overcome this guampangggg enough .... aja RESUME press the button for several seconds (5-8 seconds) after the ink level will automatically reset the pitch and the printer will continue printing.
The same applies to the printer Canon ip1200, 1300,1600,1700,2200.

While for the type of Canon MP160, MP145 COLOR enough to press the reset ink level ...

To type multfunction higher, such as type MP530, MP500, MP830, MP800 (like) can be pressing the STOP button.

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  1. Can you provide instructions to to me for resetting the ink level on a Canon Pixma MP620?
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