Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Renault All Types Service Manual PDF

Instrument panel with or without trip computer 83 ALL TYPES except N engine Adjust the various instrument panel functions (clock, etc…) if necessary. Check that all the instrument panel functions operate correctly. AFTER REPAIR FAULT FINDING CHARTS no CHART 7 SPEEDOMETER PROBLEM (vehicles fitted with an electric speedometer). Needle vibrates or oscillates or no needle movement and total mileage recorder does not operate. Check that the system connectors are engaged correctly. Take care not to damage the connectors during checks.

NOTES yes Check that the speed sensor is connected and secured correctly. Is the speed sensor secured correctly? no Disconnect the speed sensor connector. Connect the XR25. Use the frequency generation function (key G, output terminal G). Connect the frequency generator wire to the “vehicle speed” input of the connector (connector wiring end). With the ignition on, enter on the XR25 : - the speedometer should indicate ~ 36 km/h. - the speedometer should indicate ~ 108 km/h. - the speedometer should indicate ~ 180 km/h. Does the speedometer needle indicate these values without vibrating or oscillating? G 1 G 3 G 5 yes Change the speedometer or the instrument panel depending on instrument panel model. Check the condition of the electrical wiring between the speed sensor and the “vehicle speed” input on the instrument panel.

Is the electrical wiring in good condition? yes Change the speed sensor. no Repair the electrical wiring between the instrument panel and the speed sensor. Secure the speed sensor correctly.

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